How to order online

Kupika Tuck Shop has implemented a great online ordering system, allowing parents to order lunches for their children in the comfort of their own homes. This way parents can rest assured in knowing what their children will be consuming throughout the day. This takes the burden and stress out of making lunches in the morning and gives parents the much needed extra time to help their families get ready for the day.

Apart from the great benefit of ordering ahead online, the system also allows you to load money onto your child's account. Kids can then come and buy directly from the tuck shop by scanning their tuckshop card. The system then just deducts the amount owed from their account.

Parents don't have to worry though because we have you covered - should you wish to see what your child bought, you can simply log into your account and view the tuck shop statements. Parents are also able to restrict what their children can buy from the tuck shop under 'item restrictions' on the online system. You can for example say that sweets are not allowed at all, or only certain sweets are not allowed - this is especially important if your child has any allergies.

Watch the video below for more info on ordering online:

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